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  1. Sumit, Vienna says:


    Like your other cartoon I appreciate this great work too. Your cartoon reflects the current political situation of Nepal. The leaders are making the crisis bigger and bigger. If they give it contunity, ultimately the crisis will brust, which will create chaos for the country. I must say that these leaders are like a children fighting for some sweets. They have no vision for the country beyond their personal and party’s benifit. It is biggest unfortunate for for Nepal Ama and for the hard working Nepalese people that we have such crook leaders.
    Please god save my country and my people.

    Sumit, Vienna

  2. KPPant says:

    Rajesh jee

    I always like your cartoon, it does not matter where I am. I like this cartoon too. But, this time, I feel the cartoon is incomplete. A major worrisome player is missing in the cartoon.

    If you add one pump behind 7 dal by some big hands assisted by a smiling lady with long chin in Nepali dress, being pumped to the person who is blowing the baloon, it would be complete, I think.

  3. cleveland st australia says:

    this is a real one
    i love ur work
    do it
    hope even the political leaders read it an understand it like we do
    shows the real behaviour of all the political parties they will blow

  4. Rabin Subedi says:

    Rajesh jee
    i always see your cartoon,your cartoon speaks clearer but seven dal donot understand what you said. I think they are physically damages.

  5. Sonam/ Ottawa says:

    Wow! Rajesh ji, very good cartoon with very good caricature to aware all the political leaders and the people of Nepal. I am dreaming of displaying your cartoon on a huge screen sign board in the centre of Kathmandu thorough fare, as this would help create a good awareness on the behaviours of narrow minded leaders and their day to day political upheavals in Nepal.

    Great job, thank you, keep it up always shining!

  6. colvland says:


    good pic….



  7. sanjaypanday/australia says:

    i like this cartoon and it reflects that congress is blowing ballon and other and helping to make it large

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