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  1. Nepali/Florida says:

    Rajesh Dai,

    This is a good one. It has been a real unfortunate fact of Nepal these days. We get news of so many break ins, murders, kidnapping etc. but not even 10% of them are taken in to the legal trail or convicted by the law.

    Lawyers are kidnapped just to withdraw different lawsuits filed against criminals. Killers roam around the city fearlessly. They have the loud voice when it comes talking about the law and order.

  2. Paribesh,kathmandu says:

    This government is suppose to be the powerfull government in Nepal’s history.Here the thing is just opposite..Our ministers seems to have no shame especially home minister.Its bitter truth that as Nepali we always felt unsecure from security force.WE believed them and they always betrayed.Where is the law?Are we back to 18 century?

  3. subu rai,chhinamakhu says:

    Rajesh Dai its a very good as well as realistic toon than others and we r very consious about the default political status of nepal.Thanks a lot for giving a such unforgetable cartoons to people and viewer.

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