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  1. Nepali/Florida, The USA says:

    LOL Rajesh Dai!!

    That is the great Satire! I love your sense of humor and the way you use the current affairs in your cartoons.


  2. Roshan, Virginia says:

    That’s really great

  3. Sonam/ Ottawa says:

    That is kool, I remember such kind of situation two time when king Gyanendra took the power, it is Musharaf’s 2nd such acts, may be his time has come to fall down similarly!

  4. Zaara/ Sydney says:

    Rajesh dai you are the one to teach our leader through the cartoon and this cartoon is really mind blowing.

  5. Jeeban/ Sydney says:

    Rajesh dai, your cartoon is just perfect. Its the mirror for everyone you shatire.

  6. bidur says:

    best ever ..

  7. Paribesh,kathmandu says:

    Both MUSARAFF and GYANENDRA do similiar kinds of work…both dont like press freedom…they both are *** intentionally like to downfall…gajab cha ba..haha

  8. sanu says:

    Load of rubbish, not funny.
    The King is no match for Musarraf.

  9. kbkamal, katmandu says:

    U make real picture of day-to-day scenerio.

    Make one cartoon (big size) that shows a dog along with family members watching TV (kantipur news) weeping listening too much against Maoist.

  10. Rupak says:

    wa wa wa… damn good….

  11. kancha/ kathmandu says:

    what nonsense! if you had to satirize, why not the new “petit kings” our loktantra has borne?

    I am a usual praiser of your work. But this was distasteful.

  12. Saparot, Ktm. says:

    Good Job Rajesh Dai ! Kya Baat !!
    Fujimori, Gyanendra, Musarraf, Burmanese Generals and Mikhail Saakashvili might be directed from the same idiology. These all are *** guys !! Yes, they are !!!

  13. prakash says:

    OH realy Rajesh dai
    THis is really the merror of society so thanks for that and hope to continue such as cartoons which can give the mirror of reality.

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