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  1. Keshav Kumar Das/Biratnagar says:

    Very funny as well as you show the mirror of our Deaf,Dumb And Disabled Leaders.Please keep it up.
    wish you all the best and waiting for your next cartoon.
    Thank you
    Best Regards
    Keshav Kumar Das

  2. Sachin,Finland says:

    Rajesh bro ,,your cartons are really time related but keep more pressure on politicians who are not qualified,,i mean less educated, came in power by their family relations etc. I think your cartons could make them get out from political profession.

  3. suman aryal helsinki, finland says:

    dear Rajesh dai, thank you a lot for for exploring the entire political, social and cultural defects, that exsit around us, through a small corner of kantipur. i really appreciate your cartoons for that they say something more than the headline news of kantipur .

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