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  1. jhalak acharya, doha, qatar says:

    namaskar Rajesh dai,

    Its always been a pleasure to read ur cartoon. U make the worthy thought to the evil and ill minded politician. c’omon people, rise up to root them out or even atleast contol them before they spread their wings.

  2. Ajit Kumar Mallik, Jeddah , Saudi Arabia says:

    Dear Rajesh Dai,

    Your Cartoons really reflects the true situation. From where u got this talent………. creativeness. Very good Job . I appreciate your work and i wish you will keep it on in future.
    Really ur cartoon makes us fresh and let us know about the recent events in nepal .

  3. shiva/ slovak republic says:

    rajesh dai namaskar
    i always see ur cartoons at kantipurnews and really they reflects ur talent and truth .
    i wish u all the best and hope u will keep on making such cartoons
    with regards

  4. Sonam Lama says:

    Rajesh ji,
    Your cartoon caricature speaks of the character of Indian border police (BSF) The most populated democratic country should re-educate these policemen for better policing in between Nepal and India.

  5. madan bajracharya says:

    well, i must say you have expressed the pain in your heart for whatever we are loosing in the borders of nepal. so, as i too feel the same may i suggest you to draft a cartoon that would be more expressive. just guess an anaconda type surpent about seven hundread miles long around our southern boarder having its teeth that would have the idendity of our politicians slowly but gradually swallowing the idendical and phisical borders of nepal. i am not an artist nor i could draft such things myself but this what i am feeling about our political leaders and our so presumed good neighbore.

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