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  1. SaNJaYa/ Seoul says:

    …….hay followers of the words…………try to understand the situation………..
    Rajesh dai u peaked up the best.

  2. Dal Bhat Tarkari says:

    Dear Mr. KC,
    You are the great. I’m just wondering, do you get every idas over the head or you have some helping hands?

  3. Drown gurung/UK says:

    hahaha…… ek dam thik lekhnu bhako cha… jasta ko tyestai….

  4. Sonam Lama says:

    Hi Rajesh,

    Wow! good and meaningful cartoon, it speaks much louder than those selfish greedy and power hungry leaders!

    Keep up your good work with good motivation, that’s it man!


  5. Saroj, KTM says:

    Excellent work. Speaks a lot and reflects a true scenaroy. Probably the selfish and dirty leader will undesrstand the meaning too. keep up buddy. You deserve the applaud.

  6. humananda humagain says:

    A good one! Effectively catches the demand for PR electoral system.

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