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  1. Raj/Auckland says:

    Rajesh jee, you are genius man! Hats off to you. I always check for your next cartoon. Thanks for tirelessly keeping up with the good work. Good luck and thanks again.

  2. fifteen of us says:

    Rajesh ji, You are one of the very best cartoonist of our country, and living abroad, your cartoons serve as destressors to us. But the way you portray Prachanda like a disfigured animal, or the way you just satirize UML (which I hate too) when you find no new material shows that you are unprofessional. A good cartoonist should not have those kinds of small-minded behaviors. These are only two examples. There are so many we talk about, whenever we discuss what a great artist you are. If you are interested, we will let you know.
    15 Nepali students in Kentucky

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