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  1. Halifax, Canada says:

    Wow! what a good pce of cartoon, such thoughtful pce of art work is worth teaching hundred times to those who believes in blind faith of sacrificing poor animals.

    For thousands of years, it has been practiced in Nepal, but no one gained any shakti or the power, it is just a mere excuse to have mutton curry!

    King Gyanendra did offered many goats for bali puja and at the end he lost everything, if again he repeats such blind faith, he might be kicked from Nepal and become homeless, that is for sure, one reaps what is sawn!

  2. Singapore says:

    Great cartoon, it was a nice article in the Kathmandu Post sometime back about the ailing aircraft of Nepal government, poor animals are sacrificed by the hungry staffs of the RNAC.

  3. Prem Singh says:

    Jaisa Karam karega, waisa phal dhega bhagawan, aur sab banega bali ka bakra!

    Instead of investigating and rooting out corrupted officials of RNAC, narrow minded and foolish people follows the blind faith. Compare Thai Airlines to RNAC, started on the same period, which is still prospering with 100 fleets, without shedding the blood of single poor animlas. RNAC is bankrupted and now has only one aircraft, which is rotten. Act smart and follow the wise path that leads to success!

    Abandon the practice of sacrificing animals, which is all nonsense!

  4. Tashi Lama, Toronto says:

    Stopping bloody puja will benefit all Nepalese, it’ll bring peace and prosperity. Get away with a this silly sacrificial puja. Believe in your karma, believe in the cause and effect of action rather than believing in blind faith. Don’t fool yourself and others, and more over don’t ruin Nepal and Nepalese with all these silly religious deeds and corruptions!

  5. Karma Dorjee says:

    Hi Rajesh,

    I like your cartoons, great job, keep it up always, the cartoons are indeed a good tool to teach these selfish, narrow minded politicians and corrupted govt. officials in Nepal. They are the sole responsible for ruining Nepal. Two goats looks as if they are shocked to see all these foolish actions of NAC staffs! ha!…ha!….ha!…..

  6. Pintu/Kathmandu says:

    People like you should come to the forefront to do away with archaic rituals like Bali-pratha. We need to pro-active.

  7. Pintu/Kathmandu says:

    need to be pro-active in this regard.

  8. Diwakar/Godavari says:

    Rather than the poor goat it is something else (NOT someone) that should be chopped off at Nepal Airlines Corporation! For instance lethargical work ethics! Sacrificing a goat indeed!!!

    Good work Rajesh! Keep it up!! We Nepalese are quite poor at commending each other…so I take this opportunity to let you know that I have been viewing your cartoon before reading the newspaper since as far as I can remember picking up the Ktm. Post for the first time. And I’ve always enjoyed your work. Many of my family members, friends and colleagues included.

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