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  1. arjundev joshi/uae says:

    above cartoon gives too much message that i cant explain on this message box.anyway keep it well rajesh dai

  2. Pintu/Kathmandu says:

    Kya baat hai! I thought Kishunji was sachi nai ko bottlewala Krishnaji but he turned out to be Kumbhakarna!

  3. L.Manoj/Thailand says:

    Good Shot Rajesh Ji ! What a cartoon ! Very well done !!! You could even use ‘CHAINE’ , the slang used by Kishunji. Please follow up his LILAAZZ ! All the best !

  4. Durga Bhandari says:

    This is the outcome of having OLD FOOLS at the helms of the affairs in this country. I’ll be hardly surprised if Girijabau goes next saying, “We should first start the 12 year long people’s war, bring the Maoists to the table, end the war, and then only we can think about the CA polls.”

  5. sanu/sydney says:

    The caption does not make any sense

  6. pkj, florida, us says:

    Dear Sanu, it looks like weather you are not following the situation in nepal or left the country long time ago.

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