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  1. kanhaiya/usa says:

    this is an excuse to stay in chair of ministers

  2. Bhudev shrestha Tokyo,Japan says:

    Dai namaskar
    It`s so nice cartoon n good thought about present situation.
    go on forward n do all the best we r always with u.I always look forward to your bright future n success.

  3. ludwig Debuck Germany says:


    Long years ago there was a cartoon in a Nepali Newspaper showing monkies near Pashupatinath surrounded by different kinds of pollution, waste and dirt.

    One monkey said: “Let’s return to the jungle. Humans are so dirty…”

    My friends and me were amused… but I lost that cartoon.

    Can somebody – maybe Mr Rajesh KC, provide me with that cartoon?

    Kind regards from Germany!
    Ludwig Debuck

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