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  1. sanjay ktm says:

    hey rajesh dai i m ur great fren ………….i like ur cartoons ………….and do my best effort to look kantipur only for ur cartooon
    since ur cartoon are bitter reality

  2. Ohio/USA says:

    its alwez good to see n read the satirical points of view….

  3. L. Manoj /Thailand says:

    Dear Rajesh, cruel bomb attacks le 2 things chyatidiyo. 1) Peace-lover Nepali ko heart. 2) Political leaders+security officers ko Laaj chopne Bastra.
    By this cartoon, you have well punched to the shameless Bhaat ka Bhakaris. Carry it on, all the best !

  4. Tika Ram / Saudi says:


    this is the reality of Nepal’s Goverment.


  5. Sanjaya/Seoul says:

    its all ur cartoon which summarize the bitter truth in the home town………i love them very much………..and always be in hurry to see the Next………

  6. Anil/Brisbane says:

    thats good dai. I am satisfied.our government is 100% like that. Keep up the good work.

  7. Aditya Poudyal says:

    I liked it again as usual…

  8. Narayan Thapa says:

    dear Rajes Dai
    I am die heart fan of your cartoons. In fact i use to buy Kantipur for your cartoon. The cartoons you creat are really great. They clearify all the matters in the proper way. so dai please continue it.

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