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  1. abhishek says:

    Ha haaa haaaa…
    what a nice cartoon….
    Truely realistic
    I can not stop laughing…..
    Ha haaa haaaaaaa …
    Great creation..Rajesh Ji

  2. PKJ/FLORIDA, USA says:

    very creative….very impressive…..
    the way you show the situations clearly like a mirror image with sense of humor has given this sector a new hight…….

    you are simply the best

  3. SM Tuladhar, London says:

    Just touched my heart. Nice piece of work! Keep it up.

  4. Bikal Adhikari, Des Moines, Iowa, USA says:

    Absolutely true. That touched my heart also. That will give a little bit to the leaders. Thanks Rajesh Jee,

  5. Aditya Poudyal says:


  6. Manoj Lamichhane/Bangkok says:

    Wa Wa Wa…..KyaBaat Bro ! KyaBaat !!

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