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  1. BPCG says:

    असोज १८ पछि के आउँछ?
    क), ख), ग) घ)

    ङ) सबै

  2. K. P. Acharya says:

    Dear Cartoonist,

    I could not understand what it mean to say. I don’t think SLC has such direct relation with politics. Isn’t it?


    Dear Cartoonist ,
    I appreciated you then and now . Yours each cartoon has a them and able to satire on the current affairs across the country. So your today’s cartoon heavily satire on the political issue of current days revealing through the SLC exam . The students who are sitting in this year’s SLC examwith fear from both side army and the maoist.
    I gave you too much thanks for creating such cartoon.I always see yours cartoon even I am in now QATAR.

  4. BK Kaini says:

    Dear Rajesh,
    That’s great satire, shows the current situations, I am greatly impressed. Not only this each and every cartoon which you imagine and creat is influencing a great mass of readers.

    BK Kaini
    London, UK

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