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Cartoon contemptuous: Chief Justice

Kathmandu, June 24- Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel on Sunday termed the cartoon published in the Saturday editions of the Post and Kantipur dailies as contemptuous. “As we were sitting for tea in the afternoon at his office, he (the CJ) picked up the papers and asked, ‘Aren’t these cartoons contemptuous?’ ” a Supreme Court justice quoted the Chief Justice as saying. The cartoon read thus: Uh-Uh,…uncomfortable… to give verdicts from this low chair. Have you got a ‘brief-case’? … for elevation.”  more 

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  1. annonymous says:

    atti nai ramro lagyo

  2. Abiral, Trondheim says:

    good shot for corrupt **.

  3. Dukhi nepali, kathmandu says:

    Rajesh Ji,
    Suru ma ta ati nai hasiyo, tara pachi naramilo pani lagyo.
    CJ must leave, these are the main reasons Maoist are taking control of this country soon,

    Ek Garib Berojgar Nepali

  4. Dr.Jeofree Chaucer Glen,Seoul says:

    Rajesh Brother,
    A thousand time greetings and bravo!You have been really digging up the root of corrupt tree named “Justice” in Nepal.
    I am not Nepali national but right judgemnts are everywhere applicable!

  5. L.Rajandra and Friends/Thailand says:

    Rajesh Ji,
    We are very pleased to your pen movement against corruption. Do not worry even if the `big-thief` get angry with you. We all are with you. I salute your Pen.

  6. Manoj/Thailand says:

    Na Biraunu, Na Daraunu, Jani Jani Biraune Lai Na Chhodnu.

  7. Pintu/Kathmandu says:

    As people say picture speaks more than a thousand words! And, moreover, when the picture is inspiring and thought-provoking it touches a thousand minds.

  8. Ankit says:

    What a shot Rajesh ji. Keep up the good work and make all the people around the globe smile.

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