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  1. nabin/NY says:

    This was quite shocking!!!
    No one should be above the law and the order.

  2. Berlin says:

    Dear Mr. Rajesh KC and Kantipur publications,
    I donot miss to see the cartoon by Rajesh KC. I like very very much the cartoons by him, like many others. In my opinion, Mr. Rajesh KC should be honored publicly, so that he could be an established figure of our nation (like former cartoonists of our country). This will help him to express himself without boundary. I do see that Kantipur publications and our nation can well be benefitted from Mr. KC. There Kantipur publications should take step, which is also good for this publication as an reputed instution. This is also the procedure to establish the well qualified individuals of the different area as the national figures.
    Yours’ Sincerely
    Dr. Chndra P. Joshi
    Free University Berlin
    Department of Physics
    0049-30- 83855191

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