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  1. subhash (USA) says:

    This is an awasome peace of work.

    Good Job Rajesh Dai.
    Keep up your work.


  2. Pokhara says:

    It’s a wonderful peace of art. I wish the politicians give heed to it. If they had paid a little attention to this cartoon, it would have hit them right between the eyes. No matter what they say, our leaders don’t have any courage to remove the banner. Did they have to put up ‘long live the king banner’ ? Probly, they are too scared to remove it.
    I am happy cartoonist had some courage…

  3. Anil Sharma/Bhaktapur says:

    You did an awasome peace of art. I appreciate your work

  4. narayan/USA says:

    excellent job….I highly praise it.

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