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  1. Santosh /Norway says:

    hey, how you come up with such ideas huh? I really admire you.
    Great job.

  2. Oranje says:

    Simply great!


    ati ramro.u always shows us the real picture of nepali govt. its staffs and netaj’s. i m your fan.
    u have the great sense and humour and ur thinking power is great.

  4. BINOD\USA says:

    Why most of the time there are different story on English cartoon and Nepali cartoon .

  5. bomlal from salalah oman says:

    o u r right but vanin6 ni napatayeko khola le bagau6 vane jhai ek 2 kapada laka ler barbad parna sak6 jaanch ta huna paro

  6. kathmandu says:

    haaaa ahaaaaaaaaaaaa
    dear rajesh ji
    it’s really nice it may not have the great meaning but shows the scenario nepalese police force.
    I laugh for a minute

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