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  1. Oranje Boy says:

    This kind of retaliation among journalist is a major blow to the ‘freedom of press’. The recent unrest, however justifiable, should not limit the free press and people’s expression.

    Howz your trip?

  2. washington says:

    rajesh ji
    i think this is not the way it is, as we all know that there has been penetration of some unwanted particles in the terai andolan and it is sure that they are the ones doing all the mischevious acts.
    I think that your picture depicts that the madhesi people are against the press and also shows a pahadi man being beaten by a lathi. Again I say that this is the behaviour of the penetrated particles and this picture can bring a faction between pahadis and madhesis and that could rise in the country.
    I am a great fan of yours and this is your only cartoon that I do not agree with. A person like you should be xtra sensative in matters like this.
    You should be careful about what you present.
    Binod Gupta
    3429 Yuma St. NW Apt # 304
    Washington DC 20008

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