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  1. agraha says:

    rajesh dai,
    thanks for great cartoons..
    some-times a cartoon donesn’t make sence to everybody b’coz s/he hasn’t read the news on which the cartoon is based on..if you publish a link to such news beside the cartoon, people will know what is it based on..think about it… cheers..

  2. shankar kathmandu says:

    Thank you for your creative awareness!
    This cartoon really depicts the mentality of present nepali leaders on which they are trying to lead Nepal. Now it’s time to be aware!

  3. santosh says:

    rajesh dai,
    am a huge fan of yours but some of your cartoons goes a bouncer above my head……so please as somebody mentioned earlier please place the reference news or background info too….
    thanking u for some of the hilarious moments after understanding your cartoons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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