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  1. Mahasur Rai.Diktel,Khotang.Currently Afhanistan says:

    Dear Publisher,

    I have seen, Mr. K.C’S Cartoons. I understood all the Cartoons spoken language, I hope but not only me all your’s readers and the Nepali people too.

    Specially I liked returning from the palace after infiltrating and taking the advce.Thanks for that, you are the voice of helpless Nepali people and also eyes of the Nepali people.

    I would like to thank you onece again.

    Mahasur Rai

  2. rajan subedi now in finland says:

    dear publisher

    i have seen mr kc´s cartoon which is also suitable to mentioned in the news because primeminister of nepal is not infavour of the people´s interest.nepalese people donot want any type of manarchy but only some minister and priminister want to flatter king for having power for ever .
    girja prasad always tell lie to the nepalese people so i hope that cartoon helps to improve their behaivour in future
    i want to send thanks to the cartoonist once again and respect his creation.

    rajan subedi

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