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  1. Rammani Rijal says:

    i will like to look and read your carton picture.

  2. Alam/KL says:

    Great Cartoon, I loved this one….
    Really true face of our recent budget.

  3. rabindra singh bangalore says:

    yeh rajesh dada it is very fantastick please create 2 more such types cartoon.

  4. PURNA NEPAL says:

    dear KC,
    you have done great job,

  5. Md. Imran Alam/ Ktm says:

    Really, amazing cartoon…May this cartoon provide our leader with the actual information that it is reflecting…..

  6. situ maharjan/swoyambhu says:

    hello,RAJESH DAI,
    u are great!!! I love your all the cartoons.but this one is the best .
    Let us all hope that the closed eyes of the political leaders will open.

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