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  1. keshav adhikari says:

    everything is possible in nepal hai na ta rajesh ji!!


  2. slipknot/patan says:

    Reflects the current situation of Nepal. My mother was robbed couple of weeks ago and one of my friends house was vandalised, his parents were beat up by thugs in the middle of the night in Koteshowr. Scary…

  3. upendra birahi says:

    ha ha ha
    Yes dankas are very active these days in loktantra!

  4. Sanu, Africa says:

    Dear Rajeshji, this time I am taking your cartoon negatively.

    I feel that your attention is to address those people living in the valley has plan to finish Loktantra in Nepal as you indicated that insurgents are waiting in the places like temple which are available only in Kathmandu valley.

    You are well aware about the contributions from the people living in the valley for the restoration of democracy in 2046 and 2062/63.

  5. janapremee says:

    Whaaat a *** comment by Sanu, Africa.Those bad guys are hiding behind the statues, the place can be anywhere,, cant u see???

  6. rabin singh says:

    oh really fantastick it should be positive sign for lokatantra. and want to say that please atfirst go to pashupatinath and pray a godess.

  7. nepal says:

    This is not loktantra. this is SPAMtantra.

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