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  1. Krishna says:

    Fantastic cartoon! keep up the good work.

  2. Japan bata says:

    Rajesh ji,
    I always enjoy reading your cartoons. It carries an important message.
    Please make people aware of the past of these corrupt Politicians. I can`t believe in even a single of them. Please relay a message that will make people thing about finding a young, energetic, highly educated and dedicated person to lead this country. Girija, MAKUNE, SHERE, KP, etc. are not eligible for this position. I guarantee that they will take this country to the same condition as it was a year ago. If they have idea and capacity, they would have done it years ago!
    What a hell !! We unfortunate nepalese!

  3. lisa rai/ktm says:

    Janaandolan -2 pachhi naya umanga ra asha ta jaruur naayeko hoina,tara tyahi purana asakchham naitikhin date expired raj neta haru pheri dekhnu parda tyatikai dikka lagi pani rahechha.

    yini haru bata k asha garney? kina hami nepali lai tapke ko raap bata bachna khojda aago ma hamphalnu jastai bhai rahechha?

    kina nepal ma asal neta haru le janma lidainan?

  4. Yadav KC says:

    Badlock of Nepal, people’s movement-2 also could not begate new leadership !!

  5. from japan.....ann says:

    Hello Rajesh dai
    I always enjoy looking cartoons on kantipur and kathmandu post. I want to ask you something -in every picture i have seen a guy with black lining topi Is that u rajesh dai?


  6. rakesh from uae says:

    malai akdamai maan paryo i’ve no any comments

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