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  1. mumukshya/ holland says:

    ha ha ha, excelland Rajesh jee.

  2. Sanu, Africa says:

    Dear Rajeshji, All of your creations touches my hearts because you presents people like me. Today’s creation is also a good art that reflects mandale’s butchery.

    I request you to use your brush to draw attention of those politicians who helped themselves to destroy democracy during their 12 years regime by fighting each other inside the parliament and cabinet wihtout considering both the People’s needs and nation’s requirements. Most of them always keep their eyes to the signals they receiving from souther heavy weights.


  3. sovit karki florida usa says:

    desh roi rahako beela ma besangati haru lai beenga marfat prastut garna tapaiko saili is very enduring.tapaiko kartoon lay garda pratigami haru saatark matri hoina pachi haatna pani baddha bhayako kura yeetauutt nai cha ra dai u are doing a fine job.

  4. Surya/Sydney Australia says:

    Rajesh ji,

    I’m still laughing. Actual feedback will follow once i finish laughing. hahahaha.

  5. Krishna Adhikari,Qatar says:

    This is reality bites….. presenting your cartoon…very good job & please Rajesh bro. keep it continue forever….!!

  6. Maskey, USA, St. Charles says:

    Rajesh ji, I m regular reader and viewer of ur pretty and exactly art cartoon which is necessary for our usual life who are those
    polticians have been leading our beautiful mother land. so please create ur cartoon more which could remind them to wary of care less, crop, and must pay attention for our nepal and nepali.
    loads of thanks for ur nice creat of cartoon.

    your supporter Maskey.
    Note: ever I translated your cartoon in english to my foreigner friends, they would like to thanks for great mind as well as ur cartoon too.

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