“I’m back!”- Rajesh KC

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7 Responses to ““I’m back!”- Rajesh KC”

  1. HD Malla DUBAI UAE says:

    I’m regular browser of your page that has the current topics.
    That is enough courage to withstand among these to express in sketches.
    Shall look forward for more that comes.
    Excellent work

    HD Malla

  2. kinjo says:

    Hey Rajesh dai,
    thank you for coming back.
    Time to hit them hard, I mean real hard as to compensate the days when you were on a vacation.

  3. amrit gurung says:

    Syabas, Reality base Artistic and beautiful cartoon.

  4. Diwakar Chettri/Godavari says:

    I have always liked your editorial cartoons. Going through your book, I could sense the intelligence behind the ‘seemingly’ carefree lines. Though the weight of your satire/humor lies in the colloquial language (Nepali version), there’s no denying that u have great skills in composing, laying out and portraying various persons, situatios, and scenarios. Keep it up.!

  5. Bishnu M. Bhattarai says:

    I was desperately missing PHALANO. Glad to see PHALANO back in action. I am sure PHALANO will rocks.

  6. L.Manoj, Chiang mai, Thailand says:

    Aww ! Where had you been for so long man ! we missed your Cartoons a lot. Welcome back ! Chok-Dee and Best of luck !!

  7. Khim/Kathmandu says:

    Welcome back rajesh dai i used to read almost every cartoon in kantipur and kathmandu post n i miss that these days.

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