A short break, back soon

It’s been 15 years that I’ve been making cartoons and blogging since 5 years. More than 4000 cartoons have been published in various newspapers since 1993. Initially I used to get comments and feedbacks from those I met in person and sometime over phone and letters. Later I opened up a forum for viewers’ comments. Hundreds of comments overwhelmingly poured in within a few days. Before that, I did not have idea about a huge circle around the world seeing my cartoons everyday. Now I am enjoying reading comments, constructive feedbacks and discussions on my creations. Unique visitors’ fresh comments everyday. This is what I have achieved in my life actually. And now this achievement has kept me in a track. I am a cartoonist and I will remain a cartoonist.

This is an awesome journey!

Currently I am not making cartoon. I resigned from the Kantipur Publications on August 11, 2008. I have joined a group of my colleagues – I admire a lot for their professionalism – highly contributing to journalism. This is my lifetime opportunity. We (Narayan Wagle, Prateek Pradhan, Ameet Dhakal, Gunaraj Luitel, Damakant Jayshi and me) have resigned from the publications together to establish new independent newspapers.We have a strong belief that there are vacancies for the independent and quality journalism in Nepal. We are planning to come up with a new online news portal with English and Nepali dailies within a few months!

Here, I would like to thank you all for being my inspirations and a good critique of my creations always.

HAPPY DASHAIN !  दशैंको शुभकामना


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  1. Anil Bhusal/Bahrain says:

    Dear Rajesh,

    I am an ardent admirer of your to-the-point cartoons and the first thing I see in Kantipur is your cartoon. Now Kantipur looks like bride without make-up.

    I wish your group all the best and will very much look forward to your new news portal.

    Wishes for a wonderful future.

    Anil Bhusal

  2. Atom says:

    Wishing for your successes

    Best of Luck.

  3. Dhruba Adhikari (meronepalma.com) / Pokhara says:

    Dear Rajesh KC,
    Its true that you have been a successful cartoonist and critic in your own presentation style. Admiring your work, we used to include your cartoons at our website (http://www.meronepalma.com).

    Your works used to be outstanding, and we have been waiting for your continuation in that field.

    Talking about online news portal, meronepalma.com is a similar concept website, however we have discontinued the online news part. We look forward for your work to be launched soon, and have a coordination in that matter, if we could move together as one.

    Dhruba Adhikari

  4. vivek/ Enschede says:

    great cartoonist indeed.

  5. kathmandu says:

    Dear sir
    Iam really to know that you left kantipur.I am an M.A thesis year student writing my thesis on your cartoons.Could you please provide me an easy way to get your cartoons on media censorship during king s rule?

  6. kathmandu says:

    Rajesh ji
    Naya paper aayena ta. Dashain pachi???? Tihar Pachi???????


  7. Mc Haase/ Newyork says:

    Hi Rajesh,

    Seems you are not dedicated to public…..We miss your cartoons and your beautiful work.
    You shouldnt be stopping this work. I really believe you are a excellent cartoonist and you should continue this profession.

    Realy miss seeing all the diploatic critisism.

    Goood luuuckkk.


  8. dai says:

    Yes, and we await your comeback desparetly.

    I bet you should keep posting in here!

    Just as sand box.

  9. bidur says:

    Welcome to our computer through internet.

  10. Puskar dahal says:

    Welcome back

  11. niranjan, kathmandu says:

    Madhya marshangdi carton is the best one, We should make big hoardings and keep it infornt of NEA, Ministry of water resourcesa and of course at PM office.


  12. Sahana Bajracharya, KTM says:

    namaskar Rajesh Ji,

    i salute your creativity and now i appreciate your step, contributing towards free press,, the character , Phalano depicts the Nepalese citizens who cannot speak, even if they want to ,,,is restricted to follow the truth in its own country,,,BUt we will not give up,,and ur cartoons will be the greatest inspiration to nepalese inside and outside nepal,,,,

    jai nepal!!


  13. Komal Raj Adhikari says:

    After a long time, again i am able to find your cartoons. Thank you. I always used to start my day with your cartoons which have really different taste and meaning. I never found the meaning and quality like yours even there are so many available.

    once again thank you and wish you all the best.

    Komal Adhikari



  15. Kathmandu says:

    Hey Rajesh G,
    This is absulutely not fair,
    We are saltless without your cartoons….
    When will you be back??? please we need a declared date not the same old answer VERY SOON………….!!!!!

    Any way wish you all the very best in your life and to Narayan Dai, Prateek Dai and all of your team, I am sure that “Dainikee and Republica” will rock the world.

    MISS YOU(r cartoons)

    Kumar Koirala

  16. Sunil says:

    Yes Rajesh,
    you’re doing a great job. keep it up.

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