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  1. Raj says:

    Rajesh jee, you are genius man! It’s amazing how you can paint reality with great humour. I never forget to check your work everyday. Hats off!

  2. Lisa/ktm says:

    This pple r never democratic.never were n never will be.They always had teh ill-intension of putting nepalese in the dark.We shud always be aware of these elements.

    NEways gud job,rajesh ji.

  3. ben says:

    can you make sometthing like…army laying down the guns and joining or letting people do it….
    by the way you are good

  4. kesu says:

    good job well done rajesh ji

  5. Krishna Adhikari says:

    I wanna question………….!! “Tyo sarkari paad ko durupayog gardai janata mathi ko jyadati ra rawaaya aaba dekahune aanth cha griha mantri Kamal thapa sanga ”
    Aahile Singa Darbar nai chodnu parda dukha ta pakkai lageko hola …..bichara kathit “Griha Mantri”

  6. kopila Adhikari says:

    very good, i like this.

  7. Kamal, Kath says:

    Interesting and real cartoon! What a powerful message


  8. deeplove says:

    Will kamal thapa and other mandaleee ppl who helped king be prosecuted for the their jyadatii on ppl or will they be excused like 2047.

  9. Yadav KC says:

    Wonderful cartoon !! Great job Rajesh Bhai

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