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  1. Suresh Dahal/Damak says:

    Rajesh ji,
    Thanks for the relevant cartoo. Its all happening due to dictatorship of the Maoist leaders. Really, they kicked away UML at the last hour. It will be great disaster for the Maoists in near future.

  2. Sunil Dongol says:

    I like this cartoon very much. How can you think of such things? Great works….
    sunil Dongol

  3. Umesh, Sydney says:

    Cartoon ko lage dherai thanks dai. Sadhai padh matra bhanera hidne haru ko lage ramro lesson ho yo. 2/2 thau bata chunab hareko manche rastrapate banchu bhanera khuta uchalne bela ma naitekta kaha gayeko theyo naitekta bade neta ra yamale ko?? Aahele ta ramrai jhapad milo hola ne. Dhanya ho parchanda…..”CHAUTA KHANA GA BUDE LAI JHOL MA DUBAI DEYA KO MA”.

  4. L.Manoj, Chiang mai says:

    Good job done ! Of course Rajesh, but also the Biker !!

  5. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    hahaha .. this is just too much .. 😀

  6. ramu chennai says:

    kasto hansutho ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah hah haa

  7. Nimesh Tanduka, Bangkok says:


  8. kinjo/washington says:

    couldn’t stop giggling
    think about it and i giggle again
    thank you rajesh dai
    your cartoon is a therapy; kills the stress of the day
    thanks again

  9. Matrica /Toronto says:

    Excellent job, rajeshji! Hopefully, it will get into the leaders head someday!

  10. Ram Raj says:


  11. RAm says:

    hehe..nice one….Rajesh dai is simply great…..UML lai ta bani lagisakyo ni aru le yesto garne…kaam ni sadai testai garcha..kunai vision..ideology kehi chaina…ek jana le paya dekhaucha…dum halayera pachi lagihalcha..ani ta afno ichya pura bhayesi lataincha hilo ma……………

  12. sachin kc newdelhi says:

    cartoon taa ramri cha ,fantastic job dai . Ani sachhhi nai MKN lai taa cartoon nai gharadhi ,hai .

  13. sanjay shahi says:

    hello rajesh unkle,
    thank u first of all. i am ur fan. all u make kartoons r really praisable and based on reallity. but this most kartooon is my best one.

  14. Tashi Tamang says:

    Thank you very much Rajeshji for bringing up this very interesting cartoon, you are the best in Nepal among all the cartoonist.

    Your cartoon truly speaks of motive and nature of Nepalese politicians, they are all rotten and mean, very narrow minded and selfish. They will never let Nepal to remain in peace and harmony. When will these stupids come for the goodness and well being of Nepal and Nepalese?

  15. Krishna says:

    Actually, Maoist are very bad in this regard…. initially, they betrayed NC, then UML and finally MPRF also. Actually, what Ramchandra Paudel said was 100% right. He had said Maoist are NOT faithful.

    very nice cartoon… this cartoon is equivalent to thousand of words. Rajesh ji, keep it up!!!

    -Krishna paudel

  16. Raman says:

    Hey Rajesh,

    Do not you think that new version of this cartoon is suitable for the new situation?

    Superb Job!

  17. Yam/Bhairahawa says:

    Rajesh ji thanks for cartoon. You have mutard your courages to reveal all this bad games out which are inside the politics . Stay blessed

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