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  1. Ashang Lama says:

    Rajesh ji, thank you.

    The situation of Nepal is as such like an old damaged vehicle, every time there is a new hassle, after getting that solved then there would be other trouble lurking behind and then this and that, when will this stupidity ends? Netas are fighting for kursi and the innocent Nepalese are suffering. Kahiley aanth hoocha yo jamela!

  2. Mr. kunwar, kuala lampur says:

    k garne des ko halat nai testai cha . nepali ko ghaito ma gham po kaile lagne ho ra?

  3. Pankaj says:

    We are the one who is giving power to all the politicians. We need to blame ourselves. Politicians spends all their life for a chance to grab power from public either by scaring,threating,warning….. you name it and they will do it. When you have a county where half of the population are involved on politics either directly or indirectly, there is no solution. This is a perfect recipe for disaster.

  4. Nibedan Baidya, Kathmandu says:

    Fate of our New Nepal…………………
    Oh Goddddddddddddddddddd……………..
    Everywhere there is strike and it has been prolonged since a very very long time.
    Let’s stop…
    Find some ways to resolve it out…..
    Let’s contribute to build a real new Nepal

  5. purna/kuwait says:


    dear rajesh ji…..keep it up

  6. Ashang Lama says:

    Rajeshi ji, I am back again, because of your remarkable cartoons that says a lot about Nepal and it tempts me to write more comments.

    It seems that in Nepal, the acts of tit for tat goes on, either educated or uneducated, all acts like monkey, they don’t think for Nepal and Nepalese! what would be the future of our beautiful Nepal with all these corrupted power hungry politicians and the strike addicted associations?

    Ek din bahye pani ramre ri bhitao bhanne soch, ra ek chhin bhaye paani kosai ko kalyan gharoon bhanney soch kahiley aauncha inhi haruma??????????????????????????????????

  7. binod qatar says:

    very good n better satter for all

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