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  1. laju, laondon says:

    This is one true senario of NAYA NEPAL powerful govt ministers and helpless polic officer

  2. sobhit says:


    good work Rajesh jee, keep it up…

  3. Nibedan Baidya, Kathmandu says:

    Very True
    If the state demoralises the security force and people try to use them for their personal benefits…
    This is the most expected scenario and if we view the ongoing lawlessness in the country, this is probably the security system of new Nepal.
    Thanks Rajesh Dai for expressing our heart

  4. Nilesh says:

    aaiya..pet dukhyo…,,,,
    awesome..funny and true…
    m a great fan of urs.
    My mum used to cut the “gazab cha ba” from the paper everyday and collect it so that i could read it wheneva i go home for vacation. now i can read em online..
    dherai dherai dhanyabad rajes dai..

  5. prava says:

    i like too much your cartoon rajesh bro
    how to write such a nice cartoon
    1 cartoon speak more than thousand word

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