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  1. Mitra, New Delhi says:

    This is the absolute cartoon ***, he has to be go , go & go at all

  2. prashanna(oslo,Norway) says:

    great cartoon………………this institution has to go for new nepal……………..naya nepal sambhav 6……………………………………

  3. rabin/NASA says:


  4. rai/ktm says:

    NOw we r about to witness teh first rocket launch from a tiny country like nepal.Thank you all the street scientists for this great showdown. ..mission democracy,,

  5. umesh/ laxman says:

    wow…great prediction…….ready for grihayudha..

  6. diLip/Copenhagen says:

    GREAT mind … Great Sketch…. GREAT SENSE!!!
    yep… Nepal’s Monarchism Atom is near about to explode…
    Nepalese are Counting down…. 4…3…..

    Rajesh Jee lai Dherai Dherai Aavar!!!

  7. rabin singh. doha, qatar says:

    it’s done and absolutely done at last.

  8. prp says:

    MOAC(Mother of all cartoons).

  9. gamveer rawal says:

    sensible graphix, ur work will surely push things ahead1
    keep the message very visual!

  10. mumukshya/ holland says:

    Oho, udne bela bhayo? dhilo chaado udna ta udne nai ho, kahile udne bhanne kura aafnai kartoot ma bhar parne ta ho ni.

  11. ravi/ktm says:

    nice cartoon be ready for another eak tantra by the upcomming powerful party in south asia

  12. bishal , usa north carolina says:

    ke garne ,
    dherai umleko milk pani ta pokincha , yo ta ati nai umleko ho ani ke garne , fly nagerre ra ke garne ta. tara kura chani yo paryo ke kaha jane.
    dherai thanks hai.\
    rajesh dai , bishal

  13. sHy says:

    Great vision, that’s really great….
    Rajesh dai, Keep it Up….

  14. John Dahal says:

    What a perfect cartoon!!!!! Rajesh, you are a uniq cartoon that can make us laugh. Deeply arrpeciate talents….

  15. Amit/ New York says:

    If all of us think like this………….. These leader will sell Nepal to India in the price of kawadi and then all of u ready to go to mooon on Indain Aircraft


  16. Ankur/KTM says:

    Ek. chin hai rajesh dai……….Puchhar ma aago ta launai birsiyechha

    Anyway great Cartoon

  17. Madoz says:

    to eager to see the cowntdown finished.The rocket must be sent far behind in the universe where no rockets till could luanch any satellite.

  18. Prajesh/UN/NYC says:

    Nice cartoon … have a laugh, butbelieve me the laugh will not be for long. People have just been misreading what is happening in Nepal. Believe me, the turn of events is a disaster for Nepal … The SPA should relaise it before it is too late. Infact the day they signed the pact with the insurgents, that was dooms day. The SPA may win but they will not last for long when the 9th party comes along. btw the 8th party is Kantipur.

  19. Aalok/USA says:

    Rajesh ji
    I am counting with you. I bet there are a lot of people with us -counting.. let me remember.. kati are.. 2 karod 30 lakh… aba banki 2 lakh le count gare bhane ta hamro rocket udi halchha.

  20. Dr.J.B Chhantyal,Seoul says:

    Once they were called in the history as divinely chosen
    Equal to God we consided our dear ” king and queen”
    As they could not walk in the rhythm of time
    Alash! now they have become like the waning moon!
    Their fame and glory,their pride and name
    All has begun to thaw like snow in the midday sun
    People of all walk of lives with a sacrifice, humbling their prides
    Have now marched to salute and farewell “the white elephants”
    To send them in eternal palace of peace,and supreme paradise
    Their lovely Tomb!
    Farewell !Farewell! of 21 cannons!

  21. BIRGUNJE says:

    3…..,2……,1…..,0 ! IGNITION !!!
    launch to AFRICAA….


  22. Maggiee says:

    must say owesome job… tara hey hey… tyo rocket ko passanger chutla ni… chutyo bhane ta apat huncha ni pheri…. keep up with ur great job….

  23. razoo, Lalitpur says:

    If King cannot run our country, he has no right to stay as King. However, we need someone who can be a leader and has love to country. Not these disgusting leaders. People we should think in better way rather than relaying on these leaders.

  24. R says:

    You Morons… you sway like anything in no wind. Have some integrity, respect … some vision to get somewhere. Get to work now.. It’s time.. dont waste no more on these destructions… THINK RIGHT AND MOVE AHEAD. dont get held back. Such a shame.

  25. suraj/ ktm says:

    nepal cant go far without the king. it will become sikkim, kasmir or afganisthan in no time.

  26. Pradip/Houston says:

    God damn it , this man is the greatest cartoonist ever lived,, I am telling you,, Keep it up buddy,, your contribution on this part of andolan will always be appreciated………… And also, we are waiting for that ……4……..3……..2…..1 ……. go too.

  27. janak/michigan says:

    Amit ji, don’t worry; Nepali jantaas know what to do if their leaders think of selling their country. If they can send their king out for the moon tour, then the leaders know what happen to them if they….

    Rajesh ji, great cartoon

  28. R says:

    Why did you guys take out my feedback in a matter of mintutes??? Is it beacuse you did not see me support this mess going on right now? Arent you the ones lobbying “Freedom of Speech?”then why was my view deleted from this board? Yet another example of your biasness. Shame on you, the moderator. Real shame!!!

    BTW try to spread hope, not fear and hopelessness. Enough is enough… SPA should move ahead for peace and betterment of people.

  29. Sanu, Africa says:

    Thanx Rajeshji, ths ctn represents most of Nepalese expectations. When you starting count down from 4 onwards??

  30. Kamal says:

    This is the absolute cartoon. Great mind. It baffled me.

  31. uttam/ca says:

    oh great man
    u have done something
    i would appriciate ur work
    keep it doing

  32. Purnima says:

    Rajeshji…one thing u forgot…the politicians making their own rockets to flee. If your prediction come true, which i believe it will, then the politicians will have to flee too because of the Maoists. You may have seen the future and it is true the king will go…but the other half is just as well true and looming large just beyond the sight of many Nepalis….the Maoist takeover.

  33. Alex / Austria says:

    I hope it does not remain a cartoon… it should get reality… Nepali people have deserved it… regards from Austria…

  34. shyam gupta says:

    i hope the world is going to witness it.


  35. shyam gupta says:

    i donot agree of all these nonsense that he(the king) is going to sell nepal to india..

    be cool and think that it is not possible in the 21st century.

    staying in nework has not changed your mind.

    you still seem to be those dark age.

  36. Manish Germany says:

    WOW…. Great thinking……

  37. Him Bhattarai says:

    Dear Cartoonist
    The cartoon was indeed great. But don’t think that count down has begun already. It will be a great surprise for you know that, before this stage comes in Nepal, we will see thousands of carcass (dead bodies) and river of blood flowing in Kathmandu Valley, and an important question is will you be alive to draw another cartoon and I to make a feedback??? May god bless we all and may all Nepalese get peace and progress. Thank you.

  38. Sujit Sigdel says:

    dont understand really what is this cartoon for…. I mean could be because of my poor knowledge or bit distrub today.

  39. alan/dubai says:

    it has perfectness of current situation, …..will be certainly brusted itself. when …..press down it more, result ..go up n up “VERY HIGH”. yea, every r counting …4 …3 …2 …1 …0 >>>>”B R U S T” thanx rajes ji, keep it up.

  40. ganesh says:

    Great Creativity !

    I wish the permanent resident of this building, all SPAM leaders and activists (activists may include the human right activists like Padma Ratna, Sudhir Pathak and so called civic society who only represented those SPAM leaders), Kantipur publications and Gorkhapatra family (For the total one sided news) were tied on top there.

  41. sadhana says:

    good indeed!!! ho ni aba akash ma nai jane bela bhako chha aru kunai option chaina ni hoyna.

  42. NISAN/ KTM says:


    SO BEWARE RAJESH …………………………….





  43. G & N says:

    Rajes Ji,
    You’ve counted down upto 5, now its our turn to count down 4 onward 4 ….. 3…… 2 rest is left for SPA.

  44. Raj says:

    Its a dream come true for nepalese people

  45. p says:

    yeah nepal, the next afganistan, just like when the talibans deported the king and came to power. now its going to us with the little help of maoist.. and guess who’s gonna rule….. same old jerks…

  46. Mikesh....Not a royalist, nor a communist, and neither a democratist, i'm a realist.... says:

    ……they sold “Mahakali” to India……..they sold “tanakpur” to India……everyone of us know that they sold their “soul” to India……….If they come back again they will sell our every resources to India………..and we still want them back!!!!!
    ….On top of that, the only thing that is stopping us  from being a communist country is our Constitutionl Monarchy…….Once we send our Monarch to the moon, these corrupt parties would be easily outlined by the Maoist……..and then we’d be a *** communist…….Maoist’s promising Democracy is just a hoax…..can’t we see, they are Mao’s follower, a ruler who admitted later that he wouldn’t mind taking lives of people if it would stop him from achieving the power he wanted……………we’d be under a dictator any way………
    …..and with all of these we still want to send our king…..!!!! Definitely, WE Nepalese just rock…..!!!!!

  47. nepali says:

    Do you think this is a joke? Or has your vision become as constricted as the SPA? What on earth will happen if we don’t have monarchy? These gay leaders of SPA will fight for power like a dog for the bone and nepal will soon be taken over by the maoists. even today, after the reinstatement of parliament, do you think there will be free and fair elections for constituent assembly?

    May lord pashupatinath save all the ppl who have become crazy and my nepal!!!!!!

  48. Lok Bhandari, Ph.D. says:

    Rajesh jee:

    That was great! I am optimestic about true freedom not only for majority but also for the minorities groups such as Christians and Muslims in Nepal. We have to remember that only political revolution is not enough and it is nothing new to Nepali people. Now leaders of all the 8 major political parties (including Maoist) must focus on bringing economic and industrial revulation in this country. To do that we need basic infrastructure such as The basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society, such as transportation (need highways to connect every village and disctrict) and communications systems, water and power lines, and public institutions including schools, post offices, temples, churches, NGO, INGO, and prisons, etc.
    King of Nepal is also a citizen of Nepal he has every right to be here and his fourfather (Prithivi Naryan Shah) gave us right to be Nepali. We should be kind to him give him and his family due respect (live within the constitution as equal to all). Even corrupt ex prime ministers from the history have enjoyed to live here and why not him. It is upto an individual to give him respect or not. Let constituent Assembly decide kings and all of our future. We need to build system that is: Democracy for people but people not for democracy. We need to build system working for people to protect the right and freedom of minority not just mejority. But we should not create a system to control or bind and manupulate people with fear. Let the people of Nepal live in peace not in fear of any government.
    Take care and keep it up!

  49. Man../Rochester says:

    nepali..!!! ditto!!!

  50. GP says:

    Oh good cartoon. Good prediction ! If it is not in favor of Nepali people, one day certainly will come to fly it away of Nepal.

  51. rajesh/canada says:

    Just thrilled to see the feedbacks created by this cartoon. Commendable deed.

  52. Japan bata says:

    Rajesh ji,
    Good cartoon! Very good that people snatched the power from King. King should have right to live like we nepalese do in humla and Jumla. He should realize how poor nepalese are living. For politicians, I dont believe any of them. They are all corrupt, and will sale the country to India afterall.
    We need a young energetic and intelligent nepali to lead this country. Then we will follow him to make everything success in the country. Most of us living abroad will come back to contribute to the relevant sector of Nepal. It will definitely have our country a grand success and revolution.

  53. Pratik USA virginia says:

    Well should have happened a long long long long time ago…..tyaso bhayeko bhaye ma jasto students haru le ta desh chodnu pardaina thiyo……..great work ….

  54. prakash bam India says:

    Great Cartoon , I saw it late but it made me to give coment.
    Its beyond limit for thinking to a common man just a bulding structure but u have made it alive for the present situation. Really king is 100% responsible because he had the power but was unable to control now it time for the spa to show and control the situation else this cartoon may be also suitabale for spa also.Now we need a great leader not the old and repeat face.Because all r just comming and going and not doing much.

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