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  1. ashish khanal /sydney says:

    whats going on??????????

  2. Nimesh Tanduka, Bangkok says:

    विनाशकाले विपरित बुद्धिः किन यो एमाले भीडमा गइ आत्महत्या गर्न खोज्दैछौ हो

  3. Abbal says:

    bajiya ka chhora haru le bhakureka huna nee. Huna ta tyasle pani khane kura khayeko hoina kyare. Tara ke kanun chhaina nepal me?

  4. L.Manoj, Chiang mai says:

    Exactly. this is one of the best cartoon.

  5. BIDYA SAGAR ( USA ) says:

    Dear Rajesh ,
    Its good cartoon for our great leader . very very fantastic , mind blowing good job

  6. Delip subba(Doha) says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Its quite meaningful ……….
    Great job Rajesh jee!!!!

  7. sunil says:

    It’s very nice … Go ahead..

  8. Paras says:

    Nice. Liked it. This is how our country is running huh! When you have a country running by murders, thieves, and corrupt politicians what you expect. Keep the good job.

  9. pradeepNY says:

    Bharatmohan, Makune, Bamdev and Iswor pokhrel are exactly alike. Good cartoon. …………………..BLOWING:>)

  10. Mr. kunwar, kuala lampur says:

    Where is the law gone? If every youth started taking the law in their hands then what will be the fate of the country? Todays youths are suppoded to act in civilized way. yes, the netas and karmacharis are doing things which sometime is disgusting and irritates us . But friends this is not the right way to tackle the problem? Mahatma Gandhi didnt became the leader by voilence.

  11. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    did i miss some news .. maile yo carttooon nai bujhena …

  12. Italy says:

    Rajesh ji,

    Weldon,keep on continue it.

    Wish u all the best.

  13. ramu chennai says:

    uml lai pani ycl ko bhoot sawar bhaye 6

  14. umesh berlin says:

    I guess, the cartoon is showing that even though they are called as youth force, in reality they are filled with old jerks…

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