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  1. NPN/BTR says:

    Better than the best

  2. Mr. kunwar, kuala lampur says:


  3. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    …well said !!! .. this system has caused unnesessary wastage of time of people .. yesari jati khera ni line basne ho bhane .. kasari kamayera khane ….. tragedy of this country is … nothing is managed at all .. kaile petrol ko problem .. kaile trafic ko problem .. kaile garbage wastage ko problem .. ktm ko sadak ma hidi na saknu bhayeko cha ..

    … even akash bata 24 hr pani pareni .. ghar ko dhara ma pani na pareko yug bhai sakyo …

    problem prblem ko desh ho Nepal …

  4. Bandana/Sydney says:

    traffic le pani kasto bhid ani petrol ko line ma license check gareko ta…..aba gaadi chhodera shave garna jaane kura pani bhayena……palo michihalchhan……hoina ta………..thanks Rajesh ji for the cartoon.

  5. Oranje Boy/Irvine,CA says:

    Susma ji, I think you need a vacation. Go out on to the beautiful country side instead of staying in the ‘hodbaji’ of the valley for some time. I have seen your posts here and they are well-informed, but seems to always have a knack of being ‘tired of everything’ and full of ‘frustration’. hehe! tara desh testo bhayepachi k garnu ta, haina?

    This cartoon clearly depicts the continuing situation of the burgeoning oil problem in our coutry. I was there last year and waited in line for hours to get few litres of petrol. NOC’s complete and utter disregard for thinking they are going to get away with giving high-positioned people bonuses while refusing to pay for their debt, led to this crisis. If they were more responsible, people wouldn’t be suffering like this.

  6. Nepali/Sydney says:

    I dunno is this the right place to comment such or not. But if anybody has idea pls help me where should i post this…………
    I dunno 2 much about politics but the demands of Madhesi Parties are totally NON acceptable. Don’t ever try to divide Nepal, whoever they should be. i think such demand should not be coming if they are true Nepali. they are trying to prove that they are not Nepali. So either say we are not Nepali and want different country or Never try to split nepal and nepali. i think if such things happens and continues nepal’s situation will be worst and worst see an example of srilanka……….

    I won’t accept the partition of Nepal at any COST. Not At ALL ! Not At ALL!! Not At ALL!!!

    a well wisher of Nepali Unity……….

  7. pranesh kathmandu says:

    yesta ho bhanera comment lekhni matra an hune kehi
    chhain .u guys have 2 be aware urself .we should promote
    the clean energy sources
    and the main thing is we must help the government to systemize all the things
    because without the cooperation betn people and governmert nothing is possible

  8. purapa says:

    ha ha ha ha ha.LAAISEN,tyo word le po hashaayo baaaa.

  9. Ashang Lama says:

    NOC is fully corrupted company, why not the Nepalese wipe out NOC when the peoples power thrown away the 240 years old Shah dynasty. NOC kharez gar, privatize gar oil comnpany, ani sajilo hooncha sabhai kura. Natra kehi hooni wal chaina!

    Thanks Rajesh ji for your great cartoons, they really teaches the public.

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