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  1. Vancouver says:

    Wow! Rajesh,

    You did a great job, the cartoon speaks a lot of Prachanda’s views and motives behind his political career. For him post and power is everything, no matter how many dies and where Nepal falls in future!

    Keep it up, thanking you for all your interesting cartoons.

    Ang Kunsang Sherpa

  2. BIDYA SAGAR ( USA ) says:

    Dear Rajesh jee,

    cartoon education is cool but in NEW NEPAL contest all these kind of activities are meaningful . so could u pls point out in future cartoon pavllion about human health , education , social life of nepalese people. Our Nepal politics is like public toilet of munciplity.

  3. pradeep gautam says:

    Its realy amazing cartoon.

  4. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    hahaha .. this is just too funny …. bt why not give him a chance .. girijababu is jst too old too hold a position .. waha ta kashi tira lage huncha .. paap dhuna … 😛

  5. Rama dulal says:

    yes, It is true & fair situation of Nepal . Why politicians always wants CHAIR? Why they can not live without power . Why they never think about nation & poor people ? Why most of their time is spend in talking ? Why ? People never like their attitude . they always hope for peace & true & fair financial position of country. but always hope is hope . it never comes true . so my dearest Leadres, plz think , about it . you know , always Have & Have not have stuggles . Mind it . if you people can not improve the situation , plz leave the chair as late king .plz ……….be care MORNING SHOWS THE DAY ok

  6. Center of the heart says:

    Rajesh Jee Namaste

    You express the image of the prachanda who has the responsibility of the grave of more than 15000 Nepalese youth. Who compel lots of Nepali young to drop their career, country, family and force to work like a donkey in the country of others. He is the one who trust on the gun, bullets. Can you bring the life of the death peoples, can gave the nation the distroyed proporties?, Can give the nation”peacefull nepal”. Thank you very much for your cartoon and hope you’ll published more and more cartoon like this.


  7. Mr. kunwar, kuala lampur says:

    wow see what kind of leader we have here. whn the country’s situation is at the peak of the crises, the murderer wants to sit on the Nepalese head and wants to do all the shit. how many innocent children and people are u going to kill for the sake of that seat? folks, lets differentiate between Lalu Prasad Yadav of Bihar and Prachanda. But,can we, with all the similarities?

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