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  1. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    Rise in engery (Petrol, Gas) has affected worldwide. The price hike is not only for Nepal its for US as well. Are the pple of USA involved in Bandh and strikes? Nope, cuz they know by vandalizing public property and creating -ve enviorment will effect their own life. But pple here are badly motivated by bandh and strikes. They enjoy doing so. Mostly students they go to college for Time Pass ( Students under TU mostly). Giving student 50% discount is not a joke. Only pple who go to schools and 10+2 are not student here. Almost 80% of pple in KTM has Student ID cards (some even have fake id cards). State has to make some strict rules to control unnecessary pressure of public and people who are always involved in spoiling the country’s enviorment.

  2. Manoj Dai says:

    Moj Gara Bhai Bahini Moj Gara !

  3. Nimesh Tanduka, Bangkok says:

    It is really fulish demand!!! I am totally agree with Susma’s view on this matter. Actually, Nepalese politician use students to fullfil their dirty politics game in Nepal but why our students do not understand ?????

  4. Mr. kunwar, kuala lampur says:

    demand ta rakhnai parcha vai baini ho sake samma ta 50% hoina 100% nai choot magnu parcha. yeso garnale hamro des chhittai unnati ko bato ma lagne chha.ek tira neta haru kursi ra kholti varna ko lagi ladi rachhan vane arkko tira students lai esso kehi reason payo ki sarkari maal vandalise garna majja aunchha,kaso? lagi rakha vai baini ho. des timrai ho.

  5. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    i take my words back … hijjo janta ko awaj bhanne karikram hereko .. ammai yo tranport walla le kati nafa khando raicha .. hami janta lai lutera .. 50% matra haina aba ta 75% student discount hunu parcha .. tyo sujata koirala ko pani kati gadi (van , bus ) haru cha haina .. yo koirala haru le janta lai lutera afno khalti bhaerko bharekai cha .. iniharu lai thik parnu parcha .. student le full payment na dieu hai … 😀

  6. NA says:

    The other day US gas price National average was 4.07 dollars a gallon, UK pays about 8 dollars…. Its not that Only Nepal is seeing price hike. I understand the frusturation but you have to deal with it and 50 % discount is not a joke.

  7. pranesh says:

    i totally disagree with the views of miss sushma and nimesh
    most of the students are from outside the valley who are poor but not like u guys who r spending the *** money from the nation ***
    so dont write these comments on being a rich one coz how can poor students afford the expensive fare and others

  8. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    mr. pranesh the hero … u r misinterpreating the matter .. we just dont want the vandalizing and spoiling of country envrionement to fullfill demands .. hv ever noticed the misuse of cards ..

    ani “money from nation” bahnera k quote gerna khojeko ??? rich pple re .. i am also working class pple .. i work hard and study as well ..

    …. thik kura lai thik bhane hoo bethik la bethik .. as per my perception .. na chaindoo kura na garum hain .. tapaiko j view cha lekhnus ..tara personally naam liyera jpt words use gerera chai painna …. 😛

  9. kathmandu says:

    susham ji tapai le testo gari student of rights lai mis interprete garnu bhayana ni ta


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