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  1. Alka - amsterdam says:

    your cartoons are great but you need to do something with the translations.
    It’s a pity that non-nepali readers cannot enjoy your works with equal impact.

  2. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    ….noc holds fully corrupted bureaucrats and commission eaters … they are nt poor they act as if they are poor .. just o increase rates of oil ..

  3. Nibedan Baidya/Kathmandu says:

    Great slap to the concerned authorities.
    You can not cure cancer patient with a paracetamol tablet.
    NOC is in chronic cancer and major political parties along with some of the corrupt high level officials of NOC are the major contributor.
    If you insert politics within the business, the result is not surprising as of NOC. As far as government is concerned, every government of Nepal are doing oil politics.

    Best solutions would have been:
    1. Effective operation of Trolly Bus.
    2. Discouraging the overwhelming inflow of vehicles by prompt and fast city transport system.
    3. Mixed/Progressive pricing system (up to certain level minimum then high)
    4. Encouraging clean energy alternatives
    5. Tax rebate on petroleum products
    6. Searching alternative supply like Chinese petrol but not in kind as pure business.
    7. Close monitoring and control of illegal border trade

    But all in vein, i am sure none of the politicians listens the voice of people like me. They always do politics for people but their definition of people……… god knows!!!! Otherwise people’s life has become measurable… prices have gone up……….. everywhere there is mismanagement………………………………
    Oh god……………………

  4. Shiva, Canberra says:

    It is easy to blame the officials and government bureaucrats as a reason for not having supply of petroleum in Nepal but the real fact is % of corruption may be only 1-5% where as pricing mechanism for petrol is 95%. Even if we allow US managed company to run NOC, they will be making loss until the government opens a fair pricing mechanism in Nepal. You guys might be in abroad, do you also call strike if petrol price hikes there? The weak government in Nepal never tried to restructure the Oil & Gas industry and all political parties are just Hippocrates.

  5. don thomas/Pokhara says:

    Oil prices affects every Country, not just Nepal. India has to pay market price for oil and we have to pay India the market price. if we dont pay, you dont get oil.

    Nepal has played the political game of subsidising oil price for political reasons, to keep the people happy. Once the Indians cut off the oil permanently to make us pay, then the government will have to put the price up to Nepalese consumers, or we do without the oil.

    Seems Nepalese want everything for nothing, and if the Government said the petrol and oil is free now under the New Peoples Democratic Republic of Prachandaland, Nepalese would complain because it is not delivered to their doors.

    Never mind, the future under the peace loving Maoist Party will mean free bread, free land, free petrol, for everyone, just like you have had from all the previous Governments. Empty promises and at the end nothing will ever change. We deserve what we get from life. We give nothing, so we will get nothing.

  6. Sanjay Bhusal,butwal says:

    Dear Rajesh Dai!
    Your cartoons are bold,argueable,and energatic. Whanever I get Kantipur, my eyes directly go to view your cartoon( actually not yours!!) and i somehow entertain and say-this is!! I have a critism too for your cartoon that why they always go anti to rulers but why don’t they support them sometimes.
    i say you must support their good deeds too.

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