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  1. L.Manoj says:

    Poor Audiences….

  2. Nimesh Tandukar, Bangkok says:

    WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY unmin in Nepal??? Either you (Unmin) live in Nepla or not But our innocent Nepalese are Killing By Nepali Binladen. Go Out !!!

  3. Sapanasansar says:

    Great one! You need to send this cartoon to Time Magzine.

  4. Ramesh says:

    Janata veda vaya pachhi ……. Shasak bagare… UNMIN customer..

  5. Gaurav/ Surkhet says:

    Nice one!
    How long will this type of hippocratic behaviour go on??

  6. Dr.James Lee,Seoul,South Korea says:

    It is better to seal all the CCCAMERAS.It is too much a greater chance for the King to take action against the poor sighted leaders.

  7. don thomas/Pokhara says:

    I am sure that Comrade Prachanda will regard the whole incident once again as the work of anti revolutionary elements, or the King to discredit the peace loving work of the YCL bamboo stick carriers.
    Just how stupid can a country be to vote for this collection of gangsters to run their government? ***.

  8. Kamal Kunwar?Nepalgunj says:

    It is a nice satire for UNMIN and Maoist cadres. Lets hope that they will realize their positions and blunder they have made.

    Mr Prachanda and Mr Martin both have to look this cartoon every morning and evening when they go to bed.

  9. Sumit, Vienna says:

    very relevant satire!!!

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