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  1. Oranje Boy/Irvine,CA says:

    I love it. A thousand words.

  2. Around says:

    Yasto po ho ta cartoon, bichara Girija

  3. Kamal, Australia says:

    what a real cartoon, fantastic. This helps me to guess about the political scenerio in Nepal.
    Well done Rajesh, keep on

  4. Rajendra Bhattrai says:

    I really appreciate the cartoons by rajesh dai. It gives clear image of the politician of nepal. keep it up..

  5. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    heehe .. rajesh ji ..yasto creation kaha bata aauncha ….. gr8 …

  6. Hamit says:

    I wanna see Grija sleeping on chair at night too coz he Afraid to loos it even he loos election he wants to be primeminister. This is the real example of his greedyness of power What a shame for Nepali Congress,

    Ok Rajesh jee u can kick out him from chair and wake up his 84 old mind ! ***

  7. Suresh Dhakal (Presently California, USA) says:

    हाइ राजेश ब्रो,
    दामी छ है कार्टून | नेपाली नेताहरुको वास्तविक परिचय एही हो | अझ हाम्रा ब्रिद नेता गिरिजाको त झन कुर्सी लुप्सा पुर्ख्यौली बानी नै हो |
    *** हैन त हा हा हा

  8. www.pradeepgautam.blogspot.com says:

    simply………………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! well done!

  9. ykdahal/lalitpur says:

    a real scene in politics

  10. Kathmandu says:

    Not bad

  11. hemraaj kathmandu says:

    i am disappointed with what you have shown. let’s not forget his contribution to bring maiost in mainstream. i think he must carry on leading the government until the constitution is prepared and implemented. mind you the ca polls was not done for nominating the prime minister or bhitte rastrapati. well if maiost have got more votes it doesn’t mean people want them to lead the government . it just simply means people want them to make constitution and they can do it under the leadership of girija .

  12. kiran, philadelphia says:

    one word… BRILLIENT

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