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  1. deepak/leuven says:

    ghuskhori ra nakkata hum bhanera congresss le prove garisakyo…..janata le laat hanera pathaera pani………mukh lukaera bhagna chodera ajai srakar lead garne kura garnu…kati samma swobhabik hola ta…***..inlai ta *** nikala garnu parcha…ani matra bhrastachar rahit naya nepak ko suruwat huncha

  2. Mr P Tuldhar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I fell the cartoons you provide are both entertaining and portray the real life of the Nepalese people and the life in Nepal. However if there was one suggestion that I could give then that would be to create a link alongside your cartoon of the article best suited for the humor or the tragedy that the cartoon is representing. An example ‘http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/matt/’. Here you can see how easy it is to access the story line behind the humor and information is more flowing.
    I am based in london and regularly try to keep up with the news that ‘kantipuronline’ delivers.
    I believe as one of the most popular site for Nepalese people outside the country and within the country, the kantipur website rates fairly low on dependability for news distribution as I have experienced several site crashes and specially your cartoon section not regularly updated in some way. I find this very dissapointing and hope that some of these opinions and suggestions help to make kantipuronline a more dependable website.
    Sincerely yours,
    Mr. Pabitra Tuladhar

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