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  1. Chhabi Khati, Doha Qatar says:

    Rajeesh jee,
    People have strong believed that after getting victory Maoist will stop their violence. Because of bold desire to stay peacefully they sacrifice their vote to Maoists. But still YCL is thrashing people in different way. If they are ignoring people thoughts, people will punish them definitely. Maoist are running for formation of new government and still one partner of this government but it seems they have still existence own government, army and court. So that immediately they should stop these types of activities otherwise people will judge you. Thanks.

  2. Devkota Sujan, Mulhouse france says:

    Rajesh G,
    I love your cartoon because it always based on ground reality. YCL should stop those activity which is always trageted to oppositions. people will organized if they continue those stuff and it will repeat voilance again in the country so maoist, its time to returned the cost of blood people lost in nepali soil, cost of DIDO they eat forcefully during the war. not teating by wepons again……..

    keep creating this kind of cartoon in the future too


  3. Niraj Nepali Galkot Hatiya - Baglung says:

    may be this is the real face of maoist. if change is not accepted by them another civil war is certain and these will be swept away like the dried leaf in cyclone.

  4. Hong Kong says:

    Tapai ko cartoon ma daily herchhu ekdam chaakhlaagdo chha. Tapaai laai dhereai dherai dhanne baat chha.

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