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  1. Sujit Sigdel says:

    Ha ha ha………….. so nice Rajesh ji
    thank you

  2. Abhishek says:

    Well done Rajesh Ji..! I think, that Janata mara ko ghar should be a bit more clear. Be brave yar! Hajjarau janata ko ukush mukush tapain ko yeuta cartoon lae prasta pari dinchha! Tapain lai dheri dheri subhakamana chha. Your cartoons are something that I never missed to see. I hope to see your cartoon about that PAN BUDHA…… ahilae Andolon bhadkauna khosdai chha! Nepali janata lae tyo Pan Budha lai kadapi maphi dinae chaina….! Jan andolon lae tyo Tanasaha matra hoina pan budha ko pani namo nisan mettaidine chha. All the best Rajesh ji.

  3. Sobhit Man says:

    bhatkincha bhatkincha………..

  4. Absek / MI says:

    only ten thousand did that? there are more to come and who is gonna stop them?

  5. ryebo says:

    Its the pic of crack in our own home Nigga…. so Better Think wht u’ve showin N wht Izzzzzzz Happenin To our CountrY Besidz Bein prof.Think personally……And ya all these things happenin In our country IS it for us????? As we all know politics is a dirty game N its all proved By all these weird things happenin nowdays…..If its for us then Why still These leaders Are Dreaming for bein in satta KIllin all the janatas Though its real tough to survive here They”LL definetly It wont affect a sit on them ..Because as we all know how honest they were in their periods…..Everyone in andolen Are the normal jantas buttt do u know any one from their familiezzzzz ……..Welllllllllllllll sorrie for bein quite opp..from others buttt it was a comment N probably the truth though itzz quite uncanny to say…Its not tht ki am completly with da other side Buttttt now only thing in our country Which can help Janata is selfless MEdia’zz N da honest people like u (hopefully)… N ya those WHO loves praise Do have to suffer critisisam..dude….

  6. Kamal says:

    Interesting reality.

  7. Kamal says:

    I wonder why two of my comments were removed. One from this cartoon and another from the ‘Home Ministry’s Bullet Signal’. I didn’t write them with anti-monarchy nor with anti-party sentiments. Or you thought I was Kamal Thapa. This is hilarious.

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