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  1. SShakya says:

    Rajesh dai yo chahi dami cartoon cha hai…”na-chod jhilke na-chod” kya dialog cha..

  2. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    ………… hehe .. too much … these pples are just too much .. they will not even leave the kursi in hell …

  3. Nimesh Tandukar, Bangkok says:

    Ohhh !!! It is the real character of NC. They always want to be in Government and hold the power. They do not mind what happen 2 the country !!!!

  4. rabindra/kathmandu says:

    hi rajesh dai kasto dami kartoon yestai banaudai garnu hai ta best of luck.

  5. purna/kath,nepal says:

    great job rajesh ji

  6. Raj-Dallas says:

    Absolutely Real…

  7. sabitri paudyal pant london says:

    j ho bastabikta tyahi ho rajesh ji ko kartun,no more comment at all

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