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  1. www.pradeepgautam.blogspot.com says:

    wow ! great.

  2. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    .. if the price of food keeps on increasing in this way then .. UN’s Millenium Developemt Goal will also be a failure .. poor will always be poor .. cuz hike in price always affects the poor first … price hike should be in products which rich people use the most .. food grains ma hunu bhayena …..

  3. Niraj Galkot Baglung Hatiya - 5 says:

    It’s really great sataire Rajesh! Cooooool

  4. krishna GODAR THAPA says:

    Heartly thanks for this important cartoon which is very suitable for this recent sitution of this country.So again thanks for Rajesh kc.You are great person of our country.

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