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  1. Chhabi Khati, Doha Qatar says:

    Always GP Koirala is thinking Congress is his private property. Resignation of Susil Koirala is also one drama. We know GP can not give this post out side of Koirala gang. In spite of capable candidate in congress party the major post are with koirala’s family. Resignation is not shocking only jocking for us. thaks
    Rajesh jee.

  2. dipak,dubai says:

    You have great is not only satire but contains the lesson for everyone…who has to learn from your cartoon.all of your cartons are suitable for the situation of nepal.and for leader of maoist…..BE AWARE…..don’t take this victory as pride only…but you have to think now and have to be very serious about nepal and nepalese very important thing all of you have to remember is…NEPALESE PEOPLE CAN HOLD THE WEAPONS ON THIER HANDS FOR THEIR RIGTHS ANYTIME……………..IF YOU ALSO TRIED TO BETRAYED THEM….thats it.and dont let the rivers of nepal be flooded with BLOOD again,…..nepal wants toil instead of blood now onwards…we have to make hand on hand to built NEW NEPAL…..,

  3. dipa koirala,Australia says:

    Rajesh G. tapai le ta harek kura thakai parnu hudo rahechata.sapanama pani asaiko barema sochanu huncha ho?

  4. सोभित says:


    it’s really nice. actually he think, congress is one man party, no one has any right to object him and he do whatever he think

  5. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    these old corrupted political leaders will ruin everything .. they will only work for their family benefits as they always did .. so this time just throw them oout ….

  6. Niraj Galkot Baglung Hatiya - 5 says:

    That’s very funny!

  7. Smtula, Lodnon says:

    Well said! I love it!
    Koirala and his co’s are still not accepting people’s verdict!

  8. Tsering T. LamaKathmandu says:

    Thank you, Great job, Rajesh ji,

    I think NC is a private company of Girija, they don’t have non other leader then the ailing Girija, if he passes away, NC will also vanish from Nepal.

  9. Manish Khatri, Tarakhola-1, chheji, Galkot, Baglung. says:

    I like your creativity. wish you all the best.

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