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  1. subash/ktm says:

    Rajesh your few words are worth an epic on politics.Keep it up.

  2. Gaurav, surkhet says:


    Its getting much to go behind one person or party! Please leave prachanda or maoist for time being.

  3. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    good work gare ta herne saili pariwartan bhai halcha nee …. sabaiko … ki kaso??

  4. Nimesh Tandukar, Bangkok says:

    Thanks for your great job Rajesh JI
    The cartoon expresses the current reality of Nepali Politics Party in Nepal. Whoever comes in the Government they change their policy.
    Nimesh Khusa

  5. Pratima Pun/Koteshwor says:

    Mukhle bhanne arkai ra haathle garne arkai bhayera ni kasaile inlai bishwaas garna sakchha ra? arulaai dosh dinu bhanda aafno galti sudhaare hunthiyo ki kaso!

  6. Chhabi Khati, Doha Qatar says:

    Deer Rajesh,
    Thanks for doing best job. Political leader of Nepal has special character. There is vast different between promising and doings. Always you have to expose their real face with people through these cartoons. We are with you. Thanks.

  7. dipak,dubai says:

    You have great creation.it is not only satire but contains the lesson for everyone…who has to learn from your cartoon.all of your cartons are suitable for the situation of nepal.and for leader of maoist…..BE AWARE…..don’t take this victory as pride only…but you have to think now and have to be very serious about nepal and nepalese people.one very important thing all of you have to remember is…NEPALESE PEOPLE CAN HOLD THE WEAPONS ON THIER HANDS FOR THEIR RIGTHS ANYTIME……………..IF YOU ALSO TRIED TO BETRAYED THEM….thats it.and dont let the rivers of nepal be flooded with BLOOD again,…..nepal wants toil instead of blood now onwards…we have to make hand on hand to built NEW NEPAL…..,

  8. Drown Grg/UK says:

    pahila party ko kriya kalap sudhrinu paryo… herne dristikod afai ferincha… bhanne matra haina, garnu pani paryo… palo ayeko cha aba kehi garnu paryo!!!

  9. Pranay, Oklahoma, USA says:

    That was a good one….so hilarious…..really loved it

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