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  1. Dr.James Lee,Seoul,South Korea says:

    President Bush should remove the so called terrorist tag upon the popular political party of Nepal.If he is really peaceful,it is his chance to help Maoists make a safe landing of their jumbo people’s war.
    If I were The President Of USA I would cut the tag and hang behind my own coat,on the ground that how many people’s lives I have taken in Afghanistan and Iraq!
    Dr.James Hong Lee
    Korea University
    Mapo Gu,Seoul
    One Korea one nation,we hate division!

  2. Bandana/Sydney says:

    tasbir aafai bolchha. Need any more explanation???!!!! I dont think so. Good job Rajeshji.

  3. Mukti Sthapit/Kathmandu says:

    Bush administration and American Policy has become failure inside US and around the world. So listing and unlisting any country or party as terrorist or anything else by that failure country won’t matter any more!

  4. Raj says:

    Rajeshji ur cartoon is fine but how can a son be terrorist when father’s time has come to abondon the management of a family. The neighbour can’t have control over it. Its the matter of modern son and traditional father.

  5. karan kc/united kingdom says:

    person who spread out the terror and grab peace from people is known as terrorist. we can easily distinguish who is real terrorist between maoist and bush. so, it would be better if bush cut out the maoist tag and hang his own. it’s great rajesh

  6. sachin kc new delhi says:

    actually , they are not the people to prove who r terrorist?so there is nothing to worry .

  7. Tsering T. LamaKathmandu says:

    Wow! Rajeshji, you got a very creative mind, you should get an award for these interesting cartoons. Presidents of U.S.A. made many similar mistakes, this is one such example. Their gravest mistake was 35 years war in Vietnam, in which they lost man, money and the war itself. Instead of waging war in Vietnam, they should have made their strategy to protect roof of the world!

    Thank you Rajeshji.

  8. don thomas/Pokhara says:

    You Nepali’s have short memories and small minds. When Prachanda and his gangsters were touring the villages at midnight chopping people with Kukuris and demanding children for their armies, you cried to the central government for help. They did nothing.

    When the King got rid of the useless Government and asked the people to destroy the Maoists with the Army and police, Nepalis did nothing, except shelter the gangsters in the villages and feed them and give them money, and watch their children being taken away for Mao training.

    When the SPA collection of spineless individuals wated to protect their jobs from the King, they ran to New Delhi for “Medical Treatment” which meant treatment from Dr Prachanda and Dr Battarai and the SPA collection of idiots.

    Now, thanks to threats and vote rigging, the Great Leader Prachanda has not only got rid of the King, he has got rid of all the rest of the SPA. Next he will get rid of Democracy, and then unleash his gangsters on anyone who disagrees with his policies.

    Nepali people deserve what they get from life, and from this point on your lives will change for the worse, not better. You can be sure that Pushpa will be comfortable in the palace surrounded by 10,000 PLA peace loving guards, and his hands will be in the banks and all other government money, just like the rest of them

    The only person who had his eyes open and critisised this collection of thieves and murderers was Ambassador Moriarty. Bush is right and Prachanda should be on trial in Nepal for 13,000 deaths of Nepalis, just to place himself in the palace and mess up the economy just like the rest of them.

    We will soon all regret our stupidity and will be fighting to get rid of these gangsters once again, next time with the gun, not the ballot box.


  9. Riguess_finland says:

    I think, that’s not good what u showing on Cartoon. Once think about your own country. Actually they are not supported by other countries and people we are never be proud having support of other countries than we nepalese. Now the situation of Nepal going change and we must change it what we got before. But Nepali media going still same way what they done before.
    Rajesh ji, u r the person can change ur way n change the people to develop their own country now, don’t be silly like other media person. Once think, if other country handle to our country mean u also handled by them. U r also Nepalese, aren’t U???? Try to be proud of Nepal and Nepalese. Thank U.

  10. Lurey/hell says:

    Poor Bush………………………..

  11. Susma, Kathmandu says:


  12. Krishna says:

    “Nepali people deserve what they get from life, and from this point on your lives will change for the worse, not better”. I agree. I think we have sown our own seed of destiny and I think that the path leading could be to hell. I understand the frustration but just think for once. We have been surpressed by hundred of years of tyrannical Rana dynasty, and the 90’s so called democracy which bore ample resemblance to Ranas except that it was not Ranas but the elected representative of corruption that ripped apart Nepal to this hole we are in. And now given limited choice, the so called ‘lesser of two evils’, what people had in choice was either to go back to the same old hacks OR killer who could get power and atleast do something for the people. People spoke loud and clear in this election that they reject the ‘status quo’. So please before blaming Nepalis people for all the trouble, you ought to sit back, relax, pause and think what Nepalis have gone through and what was the choice.

  13. ashish/atlanta says:

    I do not know why some people are criticising United States of America in this forum. Suddenly how come nepalis find unconditional love for people of Iraq and Afghanistan ? I have never seen so much love for indians… anyways.

    Nepal can afford to criticize america because it itself has never faced any Islamic jihad. That situation is going to change now because Nepal has *** declared itself a *secular* state. Having learned nothing from secularism in India , if Nepal wants to hit the axe on its leg, its free to do so. So I would advise nepaleese to keep shut on what United States of AMerica is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    And as far as election of Prachanda is concerned, well no surprises. General public is like the poor girl. She has to marry her rapist.

  14. Alam/Kuala Lumpur says:

    Great… Keep it up…
    I like this cartoon!

    Real American Hypocracy!

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