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  1. Pratyush USA says:

    This man in the cartoon will ruin our country. As you said he is just only a temporary Gandhi and rest he is a massive danger man for CA polls.

  2. puru says:

    Prachanda ji bhaneko pindh ma pwal pareko lota ho.Uhako boliko thegan hudaina.Tyo chuhihalchha.Uha speech dida bhannuhunchha ki “YCL’ ko Gandhi bana ..Tara YCL lai bhetda bhannuhunchha ki “Bhai ho UML, Nepali Congress ra RPP ko Tauko phoda ra Haat bhachideu.Chunab jasari pani jitera malai Rastrapati banne dhoko chha

  3. Janak/Kathmandu says:

    “Mukh ma Ram Ram Bagali ma chura”Maoists leaders are Hypocrites….i urge Nepalese people not to belive in watever they say rather look at what they and their so called YCL troops are doing, they are simply terrorising people.
    Good work rajesh dai!

  4. purna/kath,nepal says:

    thx again dear rajesh ji

  5. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    hehe .. this cartoon is again too much .. … ironical satire … hats off to u …. 😀

  6. Basanta, Japan says:

    Nothing can be truer than this! Nothing can better describe current Nepal than this!

    Thank you Rajesh bro! Your cartoons are always great!

  7. Ramesh,qa says:

    Gajab Chha !!!

    i request to all ppl plz vote Prachanda otherwise he will invite another clash in nepal.

  8. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    ramesh ji,

    we cant vote for a insane person ….!! … !!

  9. Janga bhakta says:

    Dear Susma ji,

    We really need a Junga Bahadur or A Gautam Buddha. There is no chance of getting Gautam Buddha but there is no question Prachanda is the rimix version of Janga Bahadur…. So ……….

  10. Oranje Boy/Irvine,CA says:

    Correct Susma ji and nice cartoon Rajesh ji.

  11. Bhai says:

    We have seen all the parties and Leaders who ruled in Nepal but no one brings the better situation and happiness in such a beautiful country so called NEPAL. God and nature gives Nepal a lot’s of things but not even one good PARTY and LEADER;

    Whatever the next and whoever comes on power, I just wish from my heart the please bring happiness and peace in NEPAL.

    Our JUNTA is really tired and scared now.

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