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  1. Loorey says:

    Rajesh !

    I am sorry…. I am extremely shocked as I try to figure out what you want to indicate. I am not a Maoist as many of your co workers are hired as lekhandas(es) of different pareties and power points. I live in a forign country and I am looking at your cartoon everyday for several years ! I am not any ‘follower’, ‘admirier’ or ‘supporter’ of Prachanda or maoist party, but I am sad with the way our ‘journalist’ guys are suffered with. Thanks.

  2. puru says:

    This cartoon is excellent.It cleverly depicts Maoist’s attitudes.

  3. krishna,Pokhara says:

    अति राम्रो !

    यो मान्छे पक्कै जङ्गबहादुर बुद्दु हुनुपर्छ !

  4. krishna,Pokhara says:


    How come you concluded that you are not Maoists while weeping for Prachanda’s cartoon ?
    It was you who reached the conclusion that it was intended against Prachanda. So the blame, if any, falls on your hypocritical thinking not on Rajesh, the cartoonist.

  5. Abhishek says:

    Rajesh ji,
    I am a great fan of your cartoons!! This is one of the best one that I have ever seen. You have presented the reality… and thats it. Simply the best. Keep it up Rajesh ji.

  6. sj says:

    I am sure this person should be one of the member of maosits

  7. deepak says:

    How to stop making situation “bhayankar” ? Eitherways situation seems to be “bhayankar” after election. I want *** to loose to teach him a lesson that non-sense speech in-front of public doesn’t impress them.

  8. ss says:

    …and who is saying is this ??

  9. Everest Baby, Bangalore says:

    Rajesh Dai,

    You are rocking brother. For many of us, who live outside Nepal, you show hope in the sense that your cartoons make us feel “Oh, at least someone is out there thinking deeply over the strange paradoxical situation in Nepal”.

    Nodoubt, our country is passing through difficult times. But these type of leaders make it still more painful. I had admiration for Prachanda’s courage at some point of time and had hope on him specially after the great uprising in the April. But the pathetic hypocritical small ugly man with the heineous moustache has exposed himself. Why can’t he stand like a tall leader and make all the Nepalese feel proud of him? Many people who had forgiven him after the uprising are rethinking. He is better suited for becoming a war commander then the visionary leader. Why does he give such stupid speeches and interviews?There is a saying that “Satya Dhuri Bata Chichayuncha” .The truth is screaming from within Prachanda.

    But then if there is not Prachanda, who else? Nepalese King is already dead. The businessman in Narayanhiti is good for nothing. All other political leaders are mediocore people with average intelligence.

    At this difficult time, it is the role of the fourth estate to come forward and do their best to bring awareness.

    We need to have the US like system for the debate between the aspiring leaders. Media should promote the people with high level of intigrity and intelligence to come forward and take the leadership role.

    Everest Baby.

  10. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    This is the truth always told by maoist leaders in each and every public mass … i really wonder when they are going to improve ……….. most probably they use these kinda words to threaten pple so tht pple will cast vote for them … as they are sure that they will loose in polls.. thier activities shows ….

  11. Kathmandu says:

    Rajesh ji,

    Great job, as your cartoon speaks the truth of what’s happening in Nepal political scene, Prachanda’s recent remarks speaks of his inner motive of dictatorship! making such silly remarks, and still dreaming of becoming Nepal’s first President! ha! ha! ha!

  12. Puskar Dahal/Missouri says:

    This is great… I am scared what happens to Nepal after election, either way maoists are gonna bring truble to Nepal

  13. KATHMANDU says:

    loorey ,either you are hard line suppoter of him or absolutely dumb

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