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  1. Kamal/Australia says:

    Rajesh ji

    I really appreciate your cartoon corner. It gives real impressive message. I want to suggest to you that your cartoon is enjoyed by only those people who are aware of the day-to-day situation of Nepal. We are abroad and do not know what is happening. So giving ironical words of picture, please give some hints or clues so that we also can understand what is this cartoon for.

    Thank you

  2. hira kumar says:

    It is too cosly. Any way nice price. Good cartoonist

  3. Sumit/Vienna says:

    I could not understand this satire. May be I missed the story. Can anybody hint about this cartoon?

  4. Manoj says:

    Sumit Ji ! I could not understand the satire as well. But I guess that Rajesh means the ‘often happen’ Helicoptor Accident in Nepal and the country’s stupid political leaders. They are using helicoptors for election ‘Pra-Chaar’,worry of accident and carry fan for the incase extra use of helicoptor’s wing. May be….maay be Sure ! 😉

  5. सोभित says:

    रमाइलो लाग्यो

  6. ss says:

    i didn’t understand it


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