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  1. kamal/ Australia says:

    Dear Rajesh

    Excellent cartoon, revealing commitment of parties. It is true, the leaders of parties do not know what they have written in their manifesto because they do not discuss in their party meeting. Rather they copy manifesto of other parties. you will find manifestos of all major parite alsmost the same except the covering page.

    Next the implementation level, has any party implemented their manifesto into practice?

    CPN UML sometimes remember their 9 month government and grateful towards their commitment. But is that sufficient to tell after 12 years? What are they doing in their own level? It is not true that party can contribute to nation only if it reaches in power. Simply take an example of a non-government organization which can bring change into the life of people.

    People of Nepal should evaluate party leaders whether they can represent them in true sense or not. They should choose such a leader who can lead people for overall development of Nepal.

  2. BHeja/California says:

    Simply Hilarious…good one!

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